Math Facts: Classic – Learn Your Facts Quickly With This Sleek New App

My oldest daughter has been struggling with math this year. When she gets it, she gets it and enjoys it. But when she doesn’t – man, it is melt down time.

After observing and working with her a bit, I realized something – she was having trouble because she hadn’t memorized her basic math facts, especially her multiplication tables.

Who wants to sit with a long multiplication or division problem and have to add on the extra work of figuring out the basic facts, like 7 X 7?

I have tried flash cards and those usually bring a round of tears, whining or at best, a very short attention span with maybe 10 facts covered.


So What Could I Do To Help My Daughter With Math? 


One very useful suggestion from a local homeschool gal was that I needed to go back to manipulatives with my children and we are now incorporating that back into our homeschool.

My idea was to create an app. I could do something like flash cards, but more interactive. And there is just something about putting the math flash cards / math facts onto the phone that makes it more attractive. My daughter spent 20 minutes working on it the other day w/o any realization that she was really “working” on math.

Since this helped her, I am hoping it can help others. So I have released it for sale on and Google Play.

Don’t let your child continue to struggle with math – help them learn their math facts. For less than the price of one deck of flash cards (i.e. multiplication), you can get all four math facts – multiplication, division, subtraction and addition in one app!

Get it on Google Play

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