App Review: KevinBradford’s Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

App_Review_Preschool_Kindergarten_2My youngest, a 5 year old Kindergartner, was watching her bigger sisters play a game on the phone and she wanted to also. We tried a few “dress-up doll” type games, but they either weren’t very good and/or they weren’t appropriate for her.

Since she is my late reader out of the group, I decided to search for a learning game for her. Something that would be fun, but she would also be learning her letters, numbers, colors, etc…

I admit, my search was not very in-depth. I think I searched for something like “kindergarten learning games” and honestly, I was looking for a Free App. As we know, nothing in life is really free and people deserve to be paid for their work. The “free” ended up being two or three games in the App and the rest were locked.


However, I let my girl try them and she really liked them, so I paid the $1.99 In-App Purchase. And honestly, it was totally worth it. $1.99 really isn’t much for one dozen games covering:

  • shapes and colors
  • memory
  • puzzles
  • letters
  • alphabet
  • spelling
  • counting
  • addition and subtraction
  • positions
  • nouns and verbs
  • countdown

The graphics are simple, cute and well done. There is even a tracking feature that I didn’t know about until I clicked on the Info button.

If you want a game for your little ones and want them to learn along the way, then I recommend this game. It is available on Google, Apple, and Amazon.
Get it on Google Play

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