New App Release: Smart Kids Learn Their Math Facts

Smart_Kids_Math_Facts_ChloeMy 3rd daughter Chloe is wrapping up her last year of Kindergarten. She has been showing a math readiness the past few months – counting past 20 to 100, adding and subtracting objects (i.e. two blocks plus two blocks = 4 blocks).

She has also been watching her sisters do their math online (for the first time) this year and seeing how they (for the most part) like it. So, I decided to try the online math class for her.

At first, it was great. They had counting and using objects (albeit virtual ones) to do basic addition and subtraction. She was able (with a little help from me) to understand and do the first 10 or so lessons.

And then the math just jumped to more advanced topics. It simply did not spend enough time on the basic addition and subtraction facts.

She needed a supplement!

So, I took the Math Facts: Classic App that I developed and made it a little more colorful, fun, and kid friendly. She loves it! So far, she has learned her 1s and 2s and now is working on 3s and 4s.

Now this simple, redesigned app is available to you.


Whether you want your kids to have something edifying or learning oriented while in the car or waiting somewhere, or give your children a little learning tool for the summer: Smart Kids Learn Their Math Facts is available now on Amazon and the Google Play Store.

Grab it now and then let me know how your child is doing and learning with it.
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