New App Release: Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet

My Little Girl Needed To Learn Her AlphabetMy 3rd daughter Chloe has been struggling to learn her alphabet. She almost has them committed to memory now and we have started on phonics, but there are a couple of letters that still trip her up – M, N, W, X, Y.

A Montessori Approach To Learning The Alphabet

I was trying to figure out how to help her, when I came across a post on a Homeschool Facebook group that was talking about a Montessori approach to learning the alphabet (a basic building block of learning phonics and learning to read). It uses a multi-sensory approach, engaging many of the senses: touch, sight, smell, etc…

The idea is to get out a cup or so of rice, beans or grains and put it on a surface – think a large cookie pan to contain the element (i.e. the rice). The student then draws their letters in the element. This is supposed to engage the learner in a tactile way and build pathways with the multi-sensory approach.


A Multi-Sensory, Montessori Inspired App


With my love of creating Apps and my desire to create something that doesn’t involve as much setup (and mess) as the “traditional” technique, I ended up developing Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet.

This Montessori inspired, multi-sensory App uses 3 senses to engage the child and help them learn their UPPER CASE and lower case alphabet: Sight, Sound and Touch. It also uses color to engage and add a fun element.

The App is meant to be simple for the child to use. First, they select the UPPER CASE or lower case Start button.  Then, the letters of the Alphabet display and the child engages by selecting a color and tracing the letter.

While the letter is being traced, the letter is spoken by the app / heard by the child. The child can continue to the next letter or engage the letter further by coloring around it.


Get The App

You can get the App now on Amazon or Google Play!

Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet is also coming soon to Google Play and in a few months to the Apple Store. Sign up for my newsletter (see the bar at the top of the site) too be updated when I release it to these venues, for updates to the App, or for other new releases coming soon.

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