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Get this FREE App Now – created for families who love to travel or who dream to travel!

I have FINALLY finished the first release of my pet project – Smart Kids Travel Deals! I am so excited!

I have had this App in my head and heart for a long, long time. I dream of traveling to far away places, meeting the people, finding out what life is really like, sampling the food and learning how to cook it, learning the true history of the place, and finally taking in the beauty of both the natural and man made creations found there.

I dream of doing it all with my children. I dream of it as a family bonding time and a family learning time. I hope that exposing them to the world at large will open their eyes and minds to the possibilities of what they can do… and what needs to be done in this large, complex world we live in. Yes, I am aware, that although there is lots of fun and experiences to be had, there is also a lot of need in the world. I want my children to understand and be exposed to it all.

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Who This App Is For: 
This app is for anyone who travels with children, wants to travel with children, or just wants to learn some geographical, cultural or world studies.

  • This App is for moms and dads to plan and dream. This App is for children (only with parental supervision) to look over destinations and learn about places they might or could visit.
  • This App is for those who travel and want to save some money by finding a great deal on where they are planning to go. Or for those who just want to find a new, random destination.
  • This App is for those who might be traveling for the first time and have a very limited budget and want to save as much as they can.

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This App is for those who want to try Educational Travel. This is immersive travel and usually involves either a guide or some serious up front planning to coordinate real life experiences. For example, one of the deals in the App features a guided tour of Costa Rica. Experiences include:

  • Wildlife tours – ever meet a howler monkey in the wild?
  • Cruise streams and canals of a tropical rain forest.
  • Watch sea turtles lay their eggs.
  • Do a Sky Walk at the top of the rain forest canopy.
  • Visit a live volcano.
  • Meet a local chocolate maker.
  • Visit a family palm plantation and a pineapple farm

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This App is for finding deals on the favorite destinations of children and families. Yes, that includes Disney. And it includes other more relaxing travel like playing on a beach in Hawaii, or play oriented trip like a couple of nights at an indoor water park.

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This App is for those who want to simply learn about the world around them, whether they actually go to the location or not. This includes:

  • Country Unit Studies
  • Travel Curriculum
  • Cultural Studies
  • Geography Curriculum
  • And Travel Deals for those who DO want to include going to the location as part of the study.

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App Features:

  • Family Focused Travel Deals
  • Educational Travel Deals
  • Travel Deals to the Locations and Destinations Kids Love most
  • Travel, Geographical, and Cultural Unit Studies, Activities and Curriculum
  • Easy to use
  • Updated weekly and monthly

Best of all, it is free, so download it now on Google Play! Then pass it around and share it will all your friends that want to learn through travel too! BTW, you can get it on Amazon too.

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