Have you used an app or computer program in your homeschool? Chances are that you have!

Do you have a favorite site to track great homeschool and/or educational apps that have been released and might be useful in your homeschool?

Do you have a place to find and purchase some great, useful apps that are created by a homeschool family for homeschool families?

HomeschoolingApps.com is the new, premier site for finding apps to use in your homeschool. We have some apps that we have developed, we have a bunch of apps that are in the works, and we are always open to suggestions for apps that you would love to use. Check out the Educational Apps and Other Apps pages for more information.

We also will review apps as we get a hold of them and let you know how useful they are, who they are geared to, and how well they teach the subject at hand. Just check out the different categories for what type of app you are looking for.  Visit our Apps Reviews menu!

Finally, in our experience with developing apps, we have spent many hours gaining knowledge – of app development tools, app development platforms, programming languages, app design, and how to publish and sell apps through markets like Amazon Digital and Google Play Store. We might just be available to consult for you on your next app or provide development services. Look over our App Consulting Services pages for more information.

Vision Statement

HomeschoolingApps was created as a solution for our own families needs to have simple, useful, supplemental Apps for our home education. Since these Apps are helpful to us, they will be helpful to other families, so we are making them available for reasonable prices.

HomeschoolingApps.com was founded by April Schroader, a tenure homeschool mom with ten years experience working in the Tech Industry, including working for a few Dot Coms, and as a Counsultant to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft.

April currently is writing a Beginning SQL Class for SchoolhouseTeachers.com (affiliate link).